The company

PGSaludables is a manufacturer of equipment for the automation of all types of livestock farming, like poultry and pig farms. We are specialists on the automation of drinking and feeding systems.

Productos Ganaderos Saludables acquires TIGSA® in November 2019. It is a family company with international experience of more than 25 years in automotive and oil and energy industry.


The brand TIGSA®  with over 40 years experience in the market, we respond to the needs of farmers lthat are looking for a good equipment for automatic feeding their farms.

TIGSA®’s products are mainly characterized by first-class products. We provide a wide range that meets the highest quality standards. Trust our accredited manufacturing processes. We will suggest the most suitable product for you.



P: Professionalism of our great work team. Premium equipments designed to contribuite to sustainability in the production of animal’s protein.

G: Gestión de la Calidad – Quality managment of our products and suppliers. We offer a complete range of products that meet the highest quality of standards  and we will propose the most suitable product for you and your environment.

S: Solving or clients’s problems.  For this, we are always  in search of innovation.

Quality policy

TIGSA® by PGSaludables bases its business competitiveness in a global concept of both product quality and process management. Quality is the differentiating factor that distinguishes our products and services in the market. It is the key of the standard of excellence that we impose both in external and internal relations. The overall concept of quality is a process implemented progressively in all activities of the company is defined as the objective to be achieved throughout the organization.


We have an advanced logistics system that enables us to deliver orders in very short time.
Take advantage of our extensive experience and our professionality at work.
Let yourself be convinced by a committed team and an exclusive offer.
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