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Balanced food (feed) producers seek to make more efficient use of natural resources. One of the biggest challenges we will face in the future is the question of how to sustainably feed the world’s growing population with limited resources. According to the United Nations World Population Prospects predictions, there will be 9.7 billion people living on our planet by 2050, which means that the demand for animal protein will continue to rise as even though many developed countries are reducing meat consumption , the vast majority of developing countries have not yet reached sufficient levels. The growth of animal production places enormous demands on natural resources. Therefore, agriculture must become more efficient, use less land and reduce its environmental footprint.

Balanced feed should be treated for what it is, a precious commodity. Storage and transport systems must prevent the feed from being damaged, oxidized or thrown away. Both the storage silos and the transport systems must be perfectly isolated, sealed and thus prevent rodents or other animals from having access to them. Similarly, the motors that ensure such transport must meet energy efficiency standards.

We manufacture different systems for transporting food under the concept of treating the material transported with maximum reliability and respecting its properties. The supply of feed to stabled animals must be carried out in a controlled manner and avoiding any type of waste.

We have solutions to be able to overcome almost any obstacle and be able to carry out this work with a low energy cost. Each application is different and therefore the motorization must be adjusted according to the use for which it is intended. Tigsa has applications that combine robustness, efficiency, durability and respect for the environment.

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