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Pig farming

As manufacturers of equipment for pig production, we always consider how to improve our products, but we must also think about what pig farming will be like in the future. We start from the basis that farmers always manage very tight margins and this forces them to choose between intensification, specialization or diversification.

The intensification goes through expanding and incorporating technology to compete in markets with low cost prices. The available space and the resources to use mark the limits.

Specialization under new points of view can allow satisfying the demand for organic and alternative, local and special products. Good marketing that seeks good positioning can make the producer more independent and sell the products at a higher price. Systems with versatile or easily adaptable technologies are the key to this strategy.

Diversification will increase in the coming years. The variability of the climate, the fluctuations of the markets and of the prices are more and more rapid and therefore the pressure will increase. Farms that take advantage of all the resources and close the loop can use all the nutrients to create products for multiple markets. Technology is essential to keep costs low and to be more resilient to fluctuations.

For Tigsa, a correct choice of technological and robust products that do not limit the choice of a single strategy is vital. The market and success in many cases requires a combination of all three.

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