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Project Engineering

Our best formula: a specialized team that works with the latest technology.

We offer a complete service for all types of farms: design, conditioning, transformation, renovation, among others, for all types of pig and poultry farms. We combine the human capital of our engineers and agricultural technicians together with the most advanced technologies that can be found on the market today, in order to create the optimal growth conditions for fattening and raising pigs and poultry.

From beginning to end,
Leave it to us!

When you need to carry out a project, it is important that you know that our engineers work with the same care and attention on the work to be carried out with you, assuming your objectives as their own. At Tigsa we work with all kinds of industries to provide turnkey solutions for your particular needs.

Our experience,
your calm.

Our experience and approach had been check, and we can handler complex projects with the same care and detail level as they were ours. We plan the process in four phases: definition and business plan, dimension and development, set up and deliver. The answer that adapts to your needs and is supported by our experts’ experience.

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Measurement Studies

During the design phase, we develop our project proposal, you will be assigned a Project Manager who will work closely with you to advance your automation solutions. We detail the scope of the work, the development specifications and the delivery dates. We also document the project and determine which other providers are qualified for inclusion, information on automation, software and control equipment, and what training may be required. We also set a deadline for the project.

Installation and test

Your production schedule is ready! We finish the manufacturing and get down to work on the installation. Of course, final testing phases are also carried out to ensure that their turnkey solutions meet all your requirements.


Once we make sure that the automation tests have gone smoothly, your project is considered complete. It’s ready to be your new and improved Facility! You can also request our help for any operator training and startup assistance. We’re here to make sure you’re ready for a fresh start with your installation.

Business Plan

Our engineers work with you personally to evaluate the performance of your current configuration and thus design a project that defines your needs and challenges. We detail what makes your system successful: practicality of the technical elements, necessary systems and we evaluate which resources are vital to help your company achieve its goals.

What do you need? We work it with you.

If there is a need to present your project to an evaluation committee, we create and work on a Business Plan according to your project definition.

Present your Business Plan with the peace of mind of having worked on it with our Team of experts specialized in your business

Many times, in order to meet all these necessary requirements, whether they are legal, quality, feasibility, efficiency and sustainability, we need detailed documentation from a professional arguing that everything is in order. We will work on a business plan in such detail that you will be able to defend it to sell your project with the quality and affection with which you have worked: a job that seeks efficiency and excellence.

Maintenance Plans

The monitoring and maintenance of an installation is vital to achieve maximum efficiency and achieve maximum durability. The best way to pay off such an important investment for your business.

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We start with you

At Tigsa we offer to continue with you in the day-to-day of your installation with our maintenance plan with exhaustive regular supervision for all types of installations. In this way we make sure that our facilities are always kept in perfect condition as the first day. Always ready for production and effectiveness.

One of our objectives is to continue walking with you, supervising the day to day and checking that everything is in order. We all know that things can happen over time or have new needs.

Long lasting relationships

We want to continue with you to give you a quick response either to change parts or to put new ones to keep up with the advancement of technologies. Our team is constantly training and updating new technology. So they will always be attentive to make you the best proposals for improvement for your business. Always to improve the efficiency of your facility and in the most sustainable way possible.

Customized solutions

Tigsa is ready to help you and your business achieve better productivity with enhanced, state-of-the-art solutions. We take the time to assess all your needs, understand your problems and work with you to design the most suitable solution that perfectly meets the needs of your production as efficiently as possible.

proyectos a medida

Your needs are Unique

Therefore the importance of giving each project a differential treatment appropriate to your business. It is clear that the ultimate goal of each project is animal welfare, in addition to achieving the highest possible efficiency. The knowledge and expertise of our team makes each project a challenge in which we can adapt, always using the latest technology.

Of course, we must adopt the technologies that have the potential to contribute to sustainable livestock systems.

Customized, eficient and sustainable

All livestock systems, from the most conventional intensive, to organic livestock, have the potential to be sustainable at the local level. For them to be so in practice, we must adopt the appropriate technology and management practices in the specific ecological environment within the appropriate policy framework.

There is no single system that can be identified as sustainable. Neither is a path to sustainability. We must work to achieve this goal that is common to all.

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